BMW M5 engineers seem to have kept this saying in mind when designing new cars for 2006

Incredible power blends with unusual fuel economy. Manual transmission involves the driver and tests skills to their limits; the automatic mode takes take of all gearshift decisions, and adapts to an amazing range of driving conditions. The display console will satisfy a fighter pilot, but the car seats five and has a trunk that even families with triplets can use! The standard version makes no compromise on luxury, yet the list of extras from which you can choose, is almost endless! The car seems to anticipate every customer need and meets them with professionalism and excellence, you can order it at your local auto dealer in your area.

The 2006 BMW M5 is one of the new 2006 cars with an impressive list of firsts. The most important of these is a seventh forward gear. This combines well with a feature that starts the car at 400 horsepower, and gives you an option to switch to 500 horsepower at the press of a button. Ceramic disc brakes ensure quick and reliable halts and an innovative transmission delivers torque with amazing efficiency and minimal loss. Traction, handling, and aerodynamics are state-of-the-art; a feeling of exhilaration will swamp over you within the first few minutes behind the wheel. This car is truly an impressive piece of engineering with a host of innovative features. It sets new standards for the competition and for future BMW M5 models as well. Bad Credit is not a problem when getting a auto title loan.

None of the other new cars for 2006 may match the commitment of the BMW M5 to customer satisfaction. Owners can choose engines, steering, traction, and transmission to suit their personal preferences and styles of driving. The automatic gear mode has six shift speeds with additional settings for steep inclines-both uphill and down. You can choose between three levels of suspension tautness and levels of steering response to suit your particular needs. The flexibility between 400 and 500 horsepower means that you can exceed 50 miles per hour is well under 5 seconds from zero: BMW respects the 155 miles per hour speed limit in its home country, but the car can touch 190 miles per hour with ease. If your auto glass needs repair, you should visit your local repair service. For local auto dealers with different makes and models such as BMW or Chrysler visit

You may expect all new 2006 cars to come with some downsides; the 2006 BMW M5 meets this as well! The computer controls are so sophisticated and full of options that a new driver can lose way with the on-board mouse and the program sub-menus. It is possible though to activate pre-selected settings through a control on the steering wheel.

Mention of the steering wheel brings to mind that gear paddles sit on it, rather than on the steering column: it takes time to get accustomed to this, especially when making sharp turns at high speeds. The automatic shift speeds bear marks of German precision: the software seems to be at a loss if you change your mind about overtaking or if you need to shift down in a hurry. Your local auto sales and car dealers will let you know about all the cost involved. Overall, most drivers will need a few miles and sessions before they can enjoy all the BMW M5 features to full effect. However, the effort is worthwhile for the sheer joy and feeling of power that this machine of excellence can produce in your mind. The car is likely to retail at around $90 thousand in the US and is excellent value for those who can afford the tab.