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Are you looking for a reliable and professional free counter? Create your hit counter in seconds.

Monitor your web site visitors and view accurate hit counter charts. facts: We serve counters for more than 315000+ web sites. 100% Free. Check out free counter examples at licensed contractors website.

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Count all of your web site visitors in real-time, with it's an easy task. features different counter styles plus charts and accurate professional hit counting. See where your visitors come from (country, state, city). Create an account and get your free counter. Countertool is the best reliable free website counter today. Account activation in seconds, intuitive interface with fast loading stats and counter styles as well as unlimited statistics and analytics storing time. Vitirors expect websites to have a website counter or at least a search function. We save all analytics data for at least 12 months, this way you will always have access to fresh statistics and user hit numbers for your property. So whenever you are in need of a sophisticated tracker, visit to get the best tracking tool on the web. You won't be disappointed with all the technical features we have coded into our application.


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